Lintel Repair and Replacement

Dry Building Solutions provides both expert lintel repair and lintel replacement services. The solution we recommend will be tailored to the source of the problem and the structure of the wall.

Lintels are horizontal surfaces open to the full force of the weather. When unprotected metal gets wet, it can rust and corrode, even swelling to multiple times its original thickness putting pressure on the surrounding masonry. Rusted or corroded lintels would be replaced and then coated with a rust-inhibiting paint to resist the weather.

When installing or replacing masonry lintels, extra care is taken to calculate the lintel strength needed to restore the structural integrity of the wall. Lintels in masonry should extend six inches beyond the opening to adequately spread the weight into the surrounding wall. Our expertise in repointing, or repairing brickwork, will result in a restored façade that meshes with the original brickwork.

Rusted Steel Lintel
Cracked, Insufficient or Missing Masonry Lintel

 A steel lintel rusted out, causing the bricks to lose their mortar and the bricks to become loose.

 Before repointing the surrounding wall after a lintel replacement, vapor barrier fabric is applied to the inner wall.