Waterproofing is not for amateurs. Many contractors from other disciplines believe they can easily diagnose and repair water penetration issues; but building owners pay the price for their lack of experience and training. Dry Building Solutions is proud to offer our customers genuine expertise and we continually educate ourselves and take advantage of manufacturers’ training, Continuing courses and OSHA training 


Ron Blank & Associator, Inc Continuing Education AIA

and OSHA

1. Masonry wall Insulation, Air Barrier, Water Seal, and Moisture Vapor Control with ccSPF
2. Assuring Water Resistance of Masonry Construction
3. Laminated Timber Columns: Structural Characteristics
4. Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems- Simplified Approach to Commercial Low Slope Roofing
5. Advantages of Using Cover Boards in Low-Slope Roofing Assemblies
6. Design Engineering and Exterior Light-Guage Steel Framing Basics
7. Three Coat Stucco System
8. Reflective Insulation, Radiant Barriers and Control Coatings
9. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) for Building Insulation


a. OSHA - 4 Hour supported Scaffold User

b.  OSHA - 30 Hour Construction safety course

c.  OSHA - SST card / Supervisor SST