Brick and Parapit Walls

Deteriorated mortar can damage the structural integrity of a brick wall through cracking or spalling and can lead to water penetration.

The deteriorated mortar joints are cut out to a depth where stable joint material exists using a diamond-blade saw. If the joint is fully damaged, the entire brick will be removed and replaced. All remaining mortar is then chipped out and removed, and the surface prepared for re-mortaring. The new mortar will be tightly packed into the joint, eliminating air pockets that can trap water and cause failures. A final tooling with create a smooth, concave surface. Achieving a repointing repair that closely matches the surrounding brick is part of the skilled service that Dry Building Solutions provides.

Parapet Wall Repair/Rebuild

A parapet is a wall section that extends above the roofline. Damage to a parapet, or improper flashing or sealing, can allow water to penetrate inside the wall below and enter the building. Loose bricks in a parapet can also present a safety hazard. In addition, Local Law 11, covering New York City, requires an inspection of building facades every five years and immediate remediation if the façade is found to be unsafe.

Dry Building Solutions will evaluate the condition of the parapet to determine if a flashing repair or a full rebuild is called for. We use our repointing method to repair or replace any brick or masonry work, and install rubber flashing material to seal the joint between the roof and the parapet wall. We may also use through-wall flashing if there is a potential for water to enter the wall via wind-driven rain from both sides.


Brick wall showing mortar deterioration.

Degraded capping and parapet walls allow water to get inside.