Dry Building Solutions is a  commercial waterproofing and EIFS/Stucco repair firm serving the Long Island and NY metro areas. We apply 40+ years of experience to accurately diagnose, prevent and repair all types of water penetration and structural problems. We offer complete resources for above and below grade waterproofing,blind side waterproofing,chemical grout injection, curtain wall grouting, french drains,soil stabilization, urethane crack injection and more. We have recommendations at you request.   

Our EIFS Repair & Removal Division administers the removal of old EIFS barrier systems from residential homes and commercial buildings. Trained specialists renovate and restore the exterior shell of  properties of all sizes – from brownstones and single story commercial buildings, to high rise apartments and office buildings. Replacement with any of our exterior finishes; stucco, brick face, cultured stone, hardcoat, vinyl siding or new EIFS Moisture Drainage System, restores and beautifies your home or commercial building, while correcting the issues associated with a defective EIFS installation. 

All of our technicians are fully trained and certified in all application techniques and have completed comprehensive safety programs to assure that the job is completed safely and that your building stays dry.

Dry Building Solutions is proud to grow our business one satisfied customer at a time.