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Interior Waterproofing

When a basement is built where there is an underground water source, hydrostatic pressure can cause water seepage. One solution is for the pressure to be relieved and the water diverted to where it can be pumped out of the basement.

Brick and Parapit Walls

The process of repairing the mortar joints in a brick wall is called repointing or tuckpointing. Most masonry walls will need repointing after approx. 20 years as part of proper maintenance or due to poor workmanship during construction or a poor mortar mix.


An exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS), also known as synthetic stucco, is exterior cladding for commercial and residential buildings.

Crack Injection &
Chemical Grouting

There are many options for concrete crack repair and foundation crack repairs in both above and below ground concrete structures such as basements, sewer lines, pools and more, using chemical grout injection.

Exterior Waterproofing

The below grade, exterior surface of your foundation needs protection to resist hydrostatic pressure that can lead to water seepage.

Parking Lot & Plaza

The decks of underground parking garages must be protected from the effects of weather, traffic and road chemicals. This environment calls for a waterproofing method that is stronger than a simple coating.


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Additional Services

•Balcony restoration

•Carbon fiber strapping

•Coating and sealants

•Lintel replacement

•Through wall flashing

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Commercial and Residental.


The growing popularity of EIFS is due to the fact that few, if any, competitive materials offer such a wide range of desirable product benefits. Chief among these are superior energy efficiency and virtually unlimited design flexibility.

EIFS can reduce air infiltration by as much as 55% compared to standard brick or wood construction. And since walls are one of the greatest areas of heat and air conditioning loss, improvement in the wall insulation can be very meaningful in terms of energy conservation.

After installation, some EIFS structures can show severe signs of water infiltration, rotting wood and mold.  Early system designs used an adhesive to bond the insulation board directly to the building’s sheathing. These systems, known as “barrier EIFS,” were touted for their insulation capacity and affordability. It was soon discovered that they failed to drain moisture that got behind the finish coating of the system. Water was getting in through windows and other wall penetrations, but the system had no way for the water to escape.

Current versions of the system feature advancements in the synthetic coating that enable EIFS to aesthetically mimic any finish—wood, stone, brick, even metal—at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Moreover, the reinforcing mesh can be customized to climate and geography, offering things like increased impact resistance for hurricane-prone areas. 

When EIFS is installed to current industry standards and properly maintained, it can be a waterproof, energy-efficient cladding option for any type of building.

Dry Building Solutions can help address any EIFS installation issues that may be causing water infiltration.

When needed, we also install flashing and protect the building substrate from unwanted moisture with a protective barrier.

We offer a wide array of EIFS solutions. Whether yours is a residence, apartment building or commercial building, the EIFS specialists Dry Building Solutions will design and install a high quality EIFS system that is appropriate for your property.



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